Art rental - Gold

£2000 subscription
6 months
13 artworks up to the value of

Buy / rent / rotate.  Use Art to add value and inspire , whilst creating a corporate or personal identity. 

We are delighted at Flat Space Art to offer a new service. 

Providing “Art for Rent” for Art in offices restaurants, hotels, bars and personal spaces.

We carry Art from emerging artists to blue chip from across the globe.

We offer a free consultation service, perhaps you would like advice with how to fill a space with Art, use art to create a positive work place, set the mood in different areas of your space whilst reflecting your personal taste or company culture and brand to your clients. 

Simply choose your Subscription: Bronze, Silver or Gold.  Created for all budgets from limited edition prints, originals, neons and sculptures.  For more details click on our online brochure or contact 

Sorry, there are no products in this collection.