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'When I was six weeks pregnant, I found a lump in my breast. Initially I thought it was a normal pregnancy symptom but I went to see my doctor and he confirmed it was breast cancer. My life totally changed direction. I turned to my faith to guide me and sustain me in the journey that lay ahead- because of this I never lost hope. 

After my mastectomy in 2010 the doctors told me that the cancer had spread into my lymph nodes. Thankfully the timing of my treatment and pregnancy worked out, so I was able to have treatment as my baby had developed enough to withstand drugs.

I've always been fit, active, non-smoker and not much of a drinker, so to be told I had cancer was a mad time but it has helped me gain more perspective on life. I now prioritise my family and place more value on the important things in life as well as on my own life and time. 

I strongly feel that it is important to still find purpose in the time that we have left in life and, when we do, we should stick with it and live it to the best we can.'