Orange Bristol based figurative/portrait Artist - signed by artist
Orange Bristol based figurative/portrait Artist - signed by artist

Orange Bristol based figurative/portrait Artist - signed by artist

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Flo is a Bristol based figurative/portrait Artist.
Flo is influenced by modern day expressionist figurative artists who focus on the visibility of brushstrokes within a painting. Flo’s fascination of the visible inner engineering & process of a painting came from seeing more traditional artwork at a young age. The pursuance of making every mark count, some paintings with more details than others, is what Flo is aiming for.
Flo is also interested in the ability our minds have to finish unfinished lines or areas of paintings, often intentionally leaving areas raw or underdeveloped. She mainly works in acrylic and more recently has started to explore with Oil paint. She is a prolific creator, drawing or painting every day, she feels this is necessary for her to reach her personal skill level goals, but also finds it meditative.
Flo aims to create Art that is interesting, approachable, unpretentious and enjoyable. She herself enjoys art for its aesthetic and technical values. She appreciates art that has a message or statement to convey but this is by no means a compulsory quality in art for her enjoyment.
She studied for her foundation Fine Art Degree in Bristol and finished her studies but completing a Fine Art Diploma. She has held a couple of smaller scale solo exhibitions and has had work featured on online platforms.
Flo’s future practice hope is to become a master of her own craft, to reach people that enjoy art both on face value and to those who choose to seek a deeper meaning. She would love to be able to inspire others to relentlessly pursue their passion as she has hers, after returning to it 15 years post study.
Her original Artworks including commissions and Prints have been collected Internationally. Flo will be looking to exhibit more frequently in the future. 

There is something extremely attractive about a self assured and relaxed female. With bold, bright and minimal brushstrokes, Flo has conveyed the warmth and life this lady radiates.