Orchid 04 Spring limited edition, Printed on Aluminium ready to hang Signed  2019
Orchid 04 Spring limited edition, Printed on Aluminium ready to hang Signed  2019

Orchid 04 Spring limited edition, Printed on Aluminium ready to hang Signed 2019

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Misha and David’s love of the natural world and passion for photography has resulted in this series of
sensuously composed studies of flowers. The settings are often minimalist, the blooms, single or in small
groups, lovingly photographed with dramatic contrasts in colour, light and shade. Base in London Misha and
David have collaborated on creative projects for many years. Wining the Leica Portrait Photography Award
together in 2005. In the past they have worked for and collaborated on photographic projects with the likes of
Nick Knight, Miles Aldridge, Nadav Kander and Albert Watson. Working extensively with luxury brands such
as Prada, Dior, Chanel, Gucci and LVMH as well as musicians such as David Bowie, Bjork and Madonna.


In order to capture as much detail from the flowers as possible, Misha and David use both traditional and
computational photography techniques. The process is divided into multiple phases. All the images are focused
stacked with carefully balanced light and exposure settings. Focus stacking combines multiple images, taken
at different focus distances, into a single image. Once this is achieved the process of editing and exposure
blending begins in various software programs, most notably Capture One and Photoshop. The resulting image
has a greater depth of field - area in sharp focus – and colour depth than in any of the individual source
images. This allows them to create images physically impossible with traditional photography.


Misha and
David combine the science of photography and the sensuality of their subject matter to create a new and
exciting art form. Their obsession with technical detail continues in the printing process, partnering with one
of the worlds leading and most inovative photgraphic laboritories to produce their work.
Misha Milovanovich is an artist, who graduated from St Martins School of Art in London in the early
nineties where she still lives and works today. She is best known for her unruly minimalism, marked by an
exuberance of colour and pattern. Misha’s work is often darkly humorous, she adores shiny, colourful things
but knows only to well the corruption they inevitably bring. David Heathcock is a sculptor who has an innate
understanding and love of technology. He founded one of the worlds leading photographic studios based in
London. David became known in the industry for making the impossible possible, attracting the larger more
complex advertising campaigns of the day.
Misha and David meet on the set of a fashion shoot in the late nineties. Misha’s surreal approach to
contemporary image making and David’s more technical approach proved to be a winning combination. With
a playful approach to contemporary image making, Misha fuses her painterly background and her visionary art
direction with David’s technical expertise and attention to detail. Collaborating regularly on creative projects
they have work with some of the biggest names around.
Their latest work focuses on flowers and plants, photographed with the elegance, style and exuberance of
fashion advertising campaign.

H 23.63 in. x W 15.75 in. x D 1.19 in.H 60 cm x W 40 cm x D 3 cm