Poison Bottle vibrant purple lace, juxtaposition, skulls, antique frame, signed 2019

Poison Bottle vibrant purple lace, juxtaposition, skulls, antique frame, signed 2019

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Jordan. started drawing & painting as a child & since has not ever stopped. Early 20th-century advertising, all things vintage and the Mr Men & Tom & Jerry still influence him. In the past, Jordan has dabbled in printmaking, ceramics & illustration but it’s painting that he feels most comfortable with. Using discarded materials found on the street, anything that makes a good platform to start a painting. From a single piece of ply to a piece of furniture. Jordan likes to think that anything is a canvas. 

Humour plays a big part in the work. Visually & written. Sayings, puns, word association. Anything amusing can be the start of a painting. Ideas evolve along the way, especially with bigger paintings. The visual quality in a piece is more important than the reasons & ideas behind it. One image can compliment another but may have nothing to do with it. As long as it sits well that is enough for it to work. Matt Jordan wants the paintings to be eye catching, visually stimulating also ambiguous. If the viewer comes up with their own interpretation of the picture then it's interesting to hear what they see.


Jordan’s work seems on the surface to be cute and playful, but there is always a darker side to the imagery. Matt uses colour as a diversion, disguising a more serious, darker element to his work. The dilapidation of found materials that matt uses in his work often oppose the strong colours and modern shapes in his graphic style. Bright and playful images are placed on found or recycled materials, giving the overall composition a feeling of something that is both old and new. The text accompanying the images gives a clue to the subject of the painting. Humorous wordplay is used to imply a more serious meaning, while bright colours keep the overall impression of the work light. Indulgent use of colourhumour and bold lines present deadly serious arguments in a fashion that is light and accessible.


H 52.76 in. x W 40.95 in.H 134 cm x W 104 cm