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Samantha- 'I was diagnosed with two lymphomas in 2002 and spent seven years fighting them before finally going into remission after an auto stem cell transplant. Seven years is a very long time and sometimes the fear was so overwhelming that it was difficult to breathe. Learning to meditate helped manage that fear. My check-ups confirm that I am still in remission and maybe I was lucky to find the 'true meaning of life' largely because of my illness. I fulfilled my dream fo becoming a sculptor, working both in bronze and stone, and wrote a book, POG, Weathering the Storm', which recounts my seven-year journey to wellness. The profits of the book went to Maggie's. most of all, however, I have been surrounded by love and have been able to witness my two children, Atlanta and Marcus, and my stepson Tom, turning into the most wonderful young adults. I have also just celebrated 20 years of marriage to my rock, my lover and my friend, Guy.'

As a business, every year we strive to support a #charity /charitable causes which we feel passionate about and we want to share the chosen one with you too. This year we are delighted to be offering our services and distribution channels without charge to an initiative - The Life Exhibition - led by our inspirational Flat Space Art photographer @zoelaw in support of @maggiescentres - support centres for people living with cancer across the UK.

Zoe’s project centres on a touring exhibition of life size photographic images of real people living with cancer. All involved have been invited to Zoe’s studios with their loved ones to participate in the shoot and each photograph tells a story - uniquely personal and empowering. Under the helm of CEO Laura Lee @maggiescentres still thrives under the same constitution and blueprint created by the original founder Maggie who sadly passed away in 1995, a year before the first centre opened. All images from the exhibition will be available through our sales channels and every penny from the proceeds will go direct to the charity. Currently on tour in Manchester the work has been on display @christiesinc and we hope to raise as many funds as possible for the charity who do such vital work in helping people at a vulnerable and frightening time in their lives.

Please help us help them. Click on the link in the bio and/or the post for information on purchasing prints from the exhibition. All
Proceeds will go to @maggies - “A gift is not just a gift!”
#charity #flatspaceart
Life experience led Zoë to photography. Having spent her early 20’s in the music industry, A&R at Sony Music and Virgin, she then went on to become a successful makeup artist. Zoë worked within Fashion, shooting for publications such as Glamour, Elle, Vogue and many more. She was lucky enough to work with huge names in film and music, from Sienna Miller to Dido. Her vast experience shooting in all scenarios, on location, and studio work gave her a clear direction of where her photography niche would take her.
“My focus is always with the subject. Therefore I like to be prepared, in an environment I can control. That’s why studio work is where I feel most at home. I’m not battling the elements there, or concerned about the ambient light changing. In the studio everyone is relaxed, everyone can have fun!
Inspiration for me comes from a whole variety of factors; Firstly, the subjects themselves, but also movie stars, directors and an array of incredible photographers – Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Peter Lindbergh, Annie Leibovitz and so on.
I adore black & white imagery because it is iconic, versatile and stands the test of time.”