USA - neon art piece

USA - neon art piece

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Mark attended art college in Sheffield before diverting his attention for TV and film – his most recent work includes Punk 76 for Sky TV, and Billy Fury for BBC4. As a friend of the almighty Sex Pistols, Mark’s punks roots run deep, and has merged his art credentials with century-old neon to produce beautiful statement art works.

Recent exhibitions include: Lights of Soho, London Westbank, Shoreditch’s Beautiful Crime, Camden’s Accepted Rebellion, Cafe Royal, Bozboz Brighton, Box Galleries Chelsea and Lamberty Gallery in Pimlico.

Every neon art piece is hand blown to the highest standard, and every piece is bespoke. Using vintage flags and distressed wood, the neon flickers gently to give the most wonderful imagery, while punk messages written under the neon make you smile, laugh and think.

H 19.3 in. x W 33.08 in.H 49 cm x W 84 cm