Young Intentions - signed by artist

Young Intentions - signed by artist

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Marit Geraldine Bostad is an abstract colorist. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Art Direction in Oslo in 1997. She works and lives in Horten in Vestfold County, Norway, and her studio is at an old naval base, where she finds most of her work inspiration in the middle of great nature and historical buildings.

Her paintings carry an emotionally-charged impetus. Describing her practice as a kind of therapy and a way to switch off her mind, Bostad’s feelings about her work are highlighted by their lasting impression on the viewer. Her abstract paintings are influenced by memories and people, whose essence she intuitively attempts to preserve on the canvas. Richly colored and textured, incorporating layer upon layer of acrylic paint, the canvases are imbued with a fresh, youthful approach, positivity, and invigorating color palette.

This exquisite piece, combines the smooth pastel coloured surround with the more abstract brushstrokes and paint drips in the centre.

A translation into colors - of early life. The beginning. Who become and not. Survival of the fittest, in a romantic scenery.


H 39.38 in. x W 31.5 in.H 100 cm x W 80 cm